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Cameo pop stars for radio drops?

Posted: 19 Feb 2021, 18:21
by michaelfarrie
Heard about this new service where they get people to pay to get celebrities who could be pop stars, reality stars, sports players you name it to record a video message for fans for something like their birthday, for a price, could be £30 might even be £300 or more in some cases! I had the usual cynical thoughts about how daft and exploitative of the public it is then something occurred to me, might you be able to get someone like Shayne Ward (who is signed up to this) to do a radio drop using this, eg "this is my song, That's My Goal", I haven't really got £30 to throw around (unless you're talking about finding a copy of Dale Winton on the Supermarket Sweep dance single then I have! thanks to Hermes' magic parcel disappearance service), but when I have could that be a good idea or do you think they are likely to turn that idea down?
There's a few others on there to choose from who you might get drops recorded by.

The terms and conditions seem a bit daunting if you read them, if you got a drop I'd want to forever play it with that song everytime I did, and I would also offer to share the drop with the Reach community.