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Show Promos

Posted: 06 Jul 2020, 14:26
by markhobbs_
Hi All,
I have had an idea. Could there be a section in the members area where, like recorded shows, we could upload a promo/ad for our show which other presenters could download & play?

I think this would be very helpful

Many Thanks
Mark Hobbs

Re: Show Promos

Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 07:10
by AaronB
This is a good idea and something that is on our improvement list!
We used to have this on the previous Reach setup called Broadcaster Promotion where you could submit audio promos and banners for the front page...

Watch this space! :D

Re: Show Promos

Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 16:56
by Carl
Good idea,

I am happy to have a brief phone chat that could be pre-recorded and aired 'as live' on my mid morning show, to promo presenters next planned show.