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Cancelling Shows

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Just wanted to apologise about cancelling my shows this week. I am in Devon in our caravan we own here with my family and Kira (from the Mark & Kira Show). We were hoping to do a Mark & Kira Show from here tomorrow (Wednesday) from 12 - 2pm but after various tests, I felt the quality was not something I am proud of/would want to broadcast as I have not got normal expensive equipment so have just sent a cancellation request. Sorry about the short notice.

I explained to Craig about my Monday night show this week, but I had cancelled it a couple of weeks ago and it appeared again when Craig very kindly changed the timings for me of my regular show.

And, finally, my Songs From Stage & Screen show ahd to be cancelled on Sunday just gone as I only found out on Saturday evening that on Sunday lunchtime, we would be going to surprise my Gran & Grandad on their wedding anniversary (socially distanced.)

I will be back doing a live 2 hour show on Saturday morning. It has been a nightmare week so far re radio shows but hoping to take some days to relax now here in Devon!!

Best Wishes
Mark Hobbs

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