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Ross Patzelt
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Music collection

Post by Ross Patzelt »

Did I hear Craig say somewhere on one of the facebook live videos that there was somewhere where you could download music to play from Reach's archive?

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Re: Music collection

Post by AaronB »

Hello Ross,

This will be for the voice tracked show once it's all setup and ready to rollout. This will allow you to use the Reach OnAir collection of music.

Aaron Beadle
Director of Reach OnAir

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Re: Music collection

Post by Craigyboy »

Hi Ross,

It will be a way to add your voice to one of our playlist, it's there in case you can't make a show.

You will not be able to download songs from us, just use the ones we have in the system.
Craig Pilley
Director & Station Manager of Reach OnAir

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