Removing items in "My Shows"

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Removing items in "My Shows"

Post by Alan_Ross »

Hello all,
I've been looking at my members section and it looks a bit messy on the "My Shows" page where it lists all of the show titles I've ever used!
Is there a way to delete the ones I no longer need? For example my Christmas Morning Early Breakfast and The Love Zone are both no longer needed but I can't see a way to delete them. I know they aren't doing any harm (apart from making my list look untidy) but is there a way to remove them?

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Re: Removing items in "My Shows"

Post by michaelfarrie »

Although I'm too much of an archivist to want to be able to delete previous show titles, I have so many show titles it ends up with a huge list, it's not just booking the same few shows all the time, perhaps there could be some show categories it falls under and from there you can type out your exact title. Can see how with some people there would be 1 show name they would always stick to, or they may just have a few. On mine I do something different every time now and there's only a few recurring shows.

Useful for slotting in repeats though you can pick a previous show title and the show description is also retained and that gets booked.

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Re: Removing items in "My Shows"

Post by chrish »

Yes good point! Can see how some lists might be getting quite lengthy nearly a year after relaunch.
I’ll have a look through using those ideas to clean things up!

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