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Up Loading Promo

Posted: 14 May 2021, 14:51
by Mupps
Hi Slight problem trying to upload mp3 of promo and the following pops up: unable to process your request: Undefined index playtime_seconds. Please try again. Have download a few of the other presenter promos to use, and they all appear to be in the same format as i'm trying to upload. Any advise appreciated

Re: Up Loading Promo

Posted: 01 Jun 2021, 20:46
by Mupps
Ok replying to my own problem I have been using Acoustica to edit/produce promos and a show. When uploading these always failed. So went online and found a free audio conveter, converted the mp3 to mp3. When uploaded all fine with show and promo. Just in case any one else get this problem