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NEW: Windows Basic Broadcaster 1.21.4

Posted: 17 Jun 2020, 08:58
by bertie

IMPORTANT: If you are already broadcasting on an older version of Basic Broadcaster you do not need to update the software. This update helps new users get set up quicker


THANK YOU for all your amazing feedback about the Reach OnAir Basic Broadcaster over the last week. We have listened to your feedback and made some really great changes to the user interface, error logs and setup. Based on the feedback received we believe this will make life for all new broadcasters as simply as Reach. On. Air.

1. We've added a login panel on start up.


There is no longer a need to download and install a configuration file. This is all pre-loaded when you install the software. When the software opens you are prompted to enter your MountPoint and Password and then you click save, after this, all settings are done.

2. We're made the buttons more intuitive


The buttons have now changed to TEST, STOP and LIVE. This we hope will help people understand their functions better and allow people to have a smoother start to their first broadcast.

3. We've added better error logs

Some of our presenters were worried after hitting "LIVE" button when they could not connect to the server a few days before their show. We've now updated the error log to make it clearer that this could be because you (a) do not have a live show due, or (b) the password or mount are incorrect.


There are some other minor changes too, but if you'd like to use the new Basic Broadcaster, you can follow the instructions on