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Anyone got Radio Server Player up and running on Windows 10?

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 16:18
by Mike
Um, hi. It's been a while. :D Nice relaunch. [EDIT: It's Mike Lee, btw. Since I was last here I have become elderly and am struggling to edit my profile.]

Got a few ideas and I'm planning on giving this another go soon-ish. I was hoping to dust off my old copy of RSP2 from back in the olden days, but it doesn't seem to want to play nicely.

I'm on RSP 2.59 (is that even the latest version?) on Windows 10.

My problem is that the "attenuation" feature works fine for actually ducking the music -- say, when a sweeper is playing -- but it doesn't "un-duck" itself afterwards. The song plays at 100% volume, ducks to 75%(or whatever) while the sweeper plays, and then stays at 75% for an arbitrary amount of time -- sometimes forever, sometimes until I add another item to the play queue at which point it suddenly snaps back to 100%, etc. etc.

I've tried it with and without the compressor/AGC enabled. I've tried it with various Windows compatibility modes. I've run it as an Administrator. I've tried running it in Windows XP in a virtual machine. I've tried it on a different laptop. I've tried updating my drivers. Nothing seems to be helping.

Is there anyone else out there who hates change as much as me, and has managed to get it working?

Or can anyone recommend a good alternative? I've tried PlayIt Live, RadioDJ, RadioBOSS, and probably others, but none of them seem as simple/powerful/clean/uncluttered as RSP used to be. :cry:


Re: Anyone got Radio Server Player up and running on Windows 10?

Posted: 04 Aug 2020, 18:20
by smithy1978
RSP 2.59 was the last version to be made, I used to have that problem too, the ducking not returning back to normal, that's why i stopped using it, I since went onto Play It Live, nothing has been better for me than this piece of software, I've never had any issues with Play It Live at all. Other than that I used Myriad 3.5 and Radio DJ, Myriad was great but kept on crashing (probably cos it was a hooky copy lol) There must be some kind of bug in the software that does that which was never ironed out.

There's always the wretched SAM Broadcaster (which personally I hate) but you might get on better with that than any others you've tried.


Re: Anyone got Radio Server Player up and running on Windows 10?

Posted: 04 Aug 2020, 19:51
by Mike
Thanks! At least I know it wasn't just me. :D

In the end I settled on RadioDJ as the best option for me, it's got a lot of extra bloat compared to RSP but it seems like the most similar option. In the way it handles sweepers and AutoDJ and the timers at the top and stuff.

I'm slowly chipping away at everything I need to do, there's so many little issues cropping up... Finally got a decent microphone, turns out my office/desk/keyboard/computer/chair are all the noisiest ones ever invented. :mrgreen: Plus there's the small issue of cue points to set for 4,000+ songs.

I'll get there, eventually!