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Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 08 Aug 2020, 15:51
by mearsp
Hi All

Hope all is well. I believe that I have sorted out the connection problems with most of my shows now but when I do my shows they seem to go out on Tune In fine but not on the Reach On Air platform. Last Thursday and Friday the two shows around mine went out ok but mine just one song been playing continously and not my show but on Tune In absolutely fine. Not sure if its me or the platform. Todays show from 1-3pm my show came on Reach On Air from like 2.30 until 3pm. Any ideas.

Re: Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 18:08
by AaronB
Little bit lost on this one as TuneIn and our streams are identical. As in, when you request the stream from TuneIn, behind the scenes it just plays the same one as on our website.

All I can think of is it's cached the stream on our web player, try loading the stream up with a media player such as VLC and putting in

See if you can get the two to match up using this.

Re: Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 18:20
by mearsp
Hi Aaron

Thanks for your reply. Yeah the problem is that Tune In is playing what I am actually outputting from my PC but Reach On Air outputting something completely different but what you have suggested sounds cool. I will be doing another test show on Tuesday 9-10pm so will try that then.



Re: Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 18:52
by mearsp
Hi Aaron

Just tested that against Reach on Air and Tune In on the show thats on now.

First I compared the link you provided against Tune In and was a perfect match.

Second compared it against the Reach On Air site having just pressed 'Listen' and also worked with a few seconds delay. I'm very happy with that.

What was fascinating though was my father listens with both ROA and Tune in open at the same time, on the same computer as he is only able to hear me on Tune In at present. If he is able to hear me again on ROA, he would use that as first default.

When he listens on ROA to the show before me all is fine, then crosses to Tune In then goes back to ROA, ROA plays something different, sometimes often not what is going live. Even when he doesnt cross to Tune In he still doesnt always hear me on ROA.

However if he logs out from ROA then goes back in again he can sometimes pick up whats live on ROA but quite often not my show.

Is it usual for this sort of delay to happen or maybe something my dad's doing wrong.

The problem is my dad's telling me he can't always hear me on ROA and makes me wonder if I'm being heard through the ROA platform.

Either way, I will follow your advice for my next show (Tuesday 9-10pm) and see if thats nice and clear.

I really appreciate all your advice and help so far, its got me through much of my problems and I'm generally enjoying my shows a lot more now.



Re: Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 20:47
by bertie
Hi Paul

I *think* I know what's going on here...

There's a mini quirk on the Reach OnAir player when you hit "STOP". Stop doesn't always work as smoothly as one would hope. It can "pause" and record about 15-20 second of buffer. Then when you hit play again it can carry on where it left off for a bit then either (a) pick up the live stream as it should, (b) replay the same 15 second over and over (c) go silent.

There is a technical reason for this and helps with intermittent connection during normal listening, meaning there's time for your connection to pick up without break, but it can cause this issue when you hit stop.

The easiest way to fix (for now) is to close the listen live player and re-open.

It's something we're looking into but it's a little more complicated than we think. TuneIn however just cuts it all off and then starts again from any live moment.

Hope this is helpful!

Re: Platform/Broadcast issues

Posted: 09 Aug 2020, 21:58
by mearsp
Hi Bertie

Thanks for that, which sounds quite clear to me. I'll put that in practice in my test show on Tuesday as well. The reason I'm gonna do another test show is so I can practice a bit with my parents who tune in to the station not just my shows regulalrly now and feel more confident from everyone's support that by the time I reach my next official show this coming Thursday I can have that ironed out.