6 Hours to Go... Or not!

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6 Hours to Go... Or not!

Post by RadioDean »


Being a developer myself, I know how e-mail delivery can be sometimes, but today is the third time I've seen a misplaced "6 Hours to Go" message (came at 13:11 today rather than yesterday). I'm not noticing this sort of delay from other sources and it's a standard gmail (GSuite) account.

Just wanted to flag it up in case anyone else has experienced this!


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Re: 6 Hours to Go... Or not!

Post by AaronB »

Hi Dean,

Yeah the e-mail queue was paused again, when we reset it, the floodgates opened for all the mail queued up!
Apologies, clearly it can be ignored 8-)
Aaron Beadle
Director of Reach OnAir

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Re: 6 Hours to Go... Or not!

Post by bertie »

Or maybe we just wanted to scare all Sunday DJs they also booked a show on Monday evening? :lol: :lol:

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