Site crash?

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Site crash?

Post by Alan_Ross »

Hi guys,
My son-in-law (Brandon Smith) decided he'd like to have a go at playing some tunes on the radio, so he went live at midnight on Saturday. However at about 20 past 12, the website seemed to disappear for a while. Then when it came back, he just couldn't reconnect at all and there was dead air.

I tried listening via two PCs and my phone to see if the auto playlist had kicked in, but it was just pure silence.

Did we have an outage for some reason? I was obviously guiding him a bit on text and he said the yellow triangle had gone off on the broadcaster at the same time as I lost the website and it wouldn't let him go live again. The error message was "Server answered with 409!" whatever that means!

For information, I told Brandon to restart his PC and try reconnecting again, but it just wouldn't let him and kept kicking that 409 error back. Interestingly, I sent him a message via the 'message presenter' button and that got through to him ok, and the broadcast panel was still saying connected!

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Re: Site crash?

Post by AaronB »

Hello Alan,

Apologies but you are correct, we have suffered from a couple of intermittent outages in the last 24-36 hours. This issue is with our upstream carrier at the data centre where Reach is hosted. They believe they have resolved the issue but it's still in monitoring stage.

Apologies once again for this issue - fingers crossed it's now resolved! :?
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