How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by JayS »

Hi all, it's been a while.
I remember broadcasting from Reach's beginning up until 2009/2010 I think. Many times I've tried to come back, but projects keep stopping that. Hopefully one day I'll be back on again. Hope all is well with everyone!

Ross Patzelt
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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by Ross Patzelt »

from the start pretty much on and off I was on CMP Radio before that

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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by G-T-ESC »

Mt first show was back in 2016, broadcasting in the early hours of a Sunday morning, I didn't tell anyone I was doing it just in case I was rubbish! Here we are over 4 years and nearly 200 shows later - so I guess I wasn't that rubbish after all!

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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by Carl »

Hello good people of reach

:D I have just joined and I am looking forward to getting to listening to your shows.
I must say the people I have spoke with already have been extremely supportive and helpful and friendly.

:D I'm currently playing some uplifting songs on a mid morning show, weekdays and I have a number of listeners who are enjoying the station. I welcome your feedback.

sending positive vibes your way
:D share your smiles

Stay Safe and Stay Well

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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by leighdj »

Blimey, how time passes...

Hi guys, I'm Leigh from the depths of West Suffolk here in the UK. So who am I...

I was originally involved for a couple of years back in 2008-2010. Did a bit of presenting, did a bit of production work, tried to mix (and failed badly in hindsight!) and presented some rather interesting double headed shows well known for their chaos! Attempted to launch an in house news team. Met young love through the station too... (at the time, we've both moved on now :lol: )

So yeah... I was just another presenter at the funny farm we call Reach OnAir ;)

I then went off to pastures new and did some community radio work in Bury St Edmunds & Cambridge between 2010-2017 then things tailed off for awhile while I hunkered down to do some actual work. Covid lockdown re-introduced me to a brief revival of another internet radio station I worked for "back in the day" and that's where I rediscovered my love for mixing dance tunes!

I'll be popping up every few weeks for an hour long mix full of the hottest house, trance and dance anthems with "Leigh In The Mix". Come join me if you can 8-)

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Re: How long have you been broadcasting on Reach?

Post by mearsp »

This Saturday will be my first show on Reach On Air. As I will mention in my test show/test transmission tomorrow I have been guest on and to a certain degree you could say co-presenter on three stations...Radio Caroline for a six month stint and in the last year on 5 occasions at two community radio stations in Bury and Skegness. As you can see Im not a complete stranger to this stuff but getting in front of the microphone as the lead presenter I know will be a step up but has always been an exciting prospect. Once I get going, I hope to share much of my musical knowledge and trivia as well as a variety of different show themes and specialities as the weeks develop. My grand launch is this Saturday from 1-3pm.

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