Did you ever used to use Upload Radio?

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Did you ever used to use Upload Radio?

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It used to broadcast on a few DAB mutliplexes up and down the country and gave you the opportunity to register and present your own show (much like Reach but on DAB radio), it was on the NE Wales/Cheshire multiplex for a year or so, I only put out 2 shows on it (one christmas comedy on New Year's Eve) and another with interviews about the New Ferry explosion in the Wirral) but had 5 credits for more (sadly closed before I could use them and never got refunded either!), I once heard Reach's very own Ollie Hand on it whilst driving through Warrington. You had to pay £20 a show, and the audio had to be pre approved before air, it was therefore never live, you used to get some fairly interesting shows people had paid to put on. Your show wouldn't go out on all Upload Radio slots around the country but on the local multiplex of your choice, so I never paid to broadcast to North Yorkshire for example!
They also used to occasionally repeat shows (I got 2 repeats of mine I noticed).

Great concept but obviously wasn't financially sustainable, a ray of hope about getting to broadcast on DAB radio again might be the launch of a lot more small scale multiplexes which would give the chance for much smaller stations to get on air, they are coming quite soon to lots of areas in the UK including my area of South Wirral, Ellesmere Port & Chester, the range could be as little as 5-10 miles which is pretty much what the reliable reception of Trial Manchester DAB is limited to (the M60 is a very rough boundary for it!) Liverpool also could well do with one when you look at the success of that multiplex (shame Penky's wind ups stopped that was always a brilliant listen every time I drove into Manchester). Might be an opportunity for a version of Reach on a small scale multiplex in the future, and might if the costs are comparably lower enough give some community internet stations the chance to get on the actual air.

One thought is Upload used 80kbps on regular DAB, costs might be lower to use 32kbps on DAB+ for example which might give a bit of hope that a similar project will one day return.

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Re: Did you ever used to use Upload Radio?

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That's really interesting. I never heard of this! Certainly gives food for thought, thank you for bringing it to our attention as what has happened!

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