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Danny Drayton
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Listener Stats

Post by Danny Drayton »

Hi, I think it would be nice to see a monthly stat on listeners, I think it be a marker on how the station is performing and something to aspire to improving on from month to month.

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Re: Listener Stats

Post by AaronB »

Hello Danny,

I'm afraid this comes up time to time and I'm afraid this won't happen. The reason being is that we do not log them on purpose. We built a station and continue to build upon it's success regardless if 1 or 1 million people are listening. That goes for management and presenters.

I've seen it before on other stations where presenters (and management) can focus far too much on how many people are listening and they will subconsciously change their show depending on how 'successful' they are based on listening figures - this should never be the case. Likewise contacts should never be a gauge of listenership.

Thank you for the feedback but it's not something we will introduce.
Aaron Beadle
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Re: Listener Stats

Post by michaelfarrie »

I suppose it makes it similar to going out on FM/DAB etc where you never know who might be listening and there's no real way to measure it, glad in a way can't know Reach figures because it gives you anxiety if hardly anyone's listening, or there's one show that always pulls them in but you don't, can never get good figures on Mixcloud so I can't claim to be personally successful, except for a few like the chart of 2019, not done much work on promotion though I just do it, can never sell myself so would always have dismal listener figures, if asking for an interview and am asked how many listeners do you have, I just say er.. well I'm on a few stations, community radio and skip over the subject! It's all fantasy with me anyway, I have a made up country that the stations and show are from, I therefore have made up listeners!

If you have your own shoutcast or icecast server you can always tell how many are listening

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