Emerging artists show or similar

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Ross Patzelt
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Emerging artists show or similar

Post by Ross Patzelt »

Could there be a themed show when no others is on with a rotation of new or undiscovered artists? I have lots of music sent to me from artists that we don't normally get to hear and wondered if i could send in a loads of mp3s to make a show on when no one else is on? Also when I play the song a band has sent in or I find a new artist I like they tend to put up where to hear there songs so it may get some of their fans to look at the reach site

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Re: Emerging artists show or similar

Post by bertie »

There's potentially a couple of options for this with the new way ReachOnAir works, which will allow this to happen without you necessarily needing to broadcast a full and interactive show:

[1] Pre-Record
The new Reach OnAIr set up allows for pre-records to be made. So potentially one afternoon you could put together a handful of 1 hour shows, talking necessarily needed (although intros to the artists/bands might be nice), but back-to-back independent, mixed with Reach OnAir imaging) and as a Premium member we could get them scheduled into hours where it might be appropriate. We could do early morning to mimic the late John Peel.

[2] Voice-Track
This is likely one for @Craigyboy but we are opening a new voice-track feature soon. This allows you to use Reach OnAIr tracks to build a show. It's a really cool feature. It might be an option that, in-time when all is tested and stable, there is a way (especially as it's independent) of getting this catalogue included into the voice-track feature, so Presenters can build their own independent. I might be speaking out of turn here, and wouldn't likely happen quickly if it is.

[3] Playlist
I guess this is closer to your thoughts, but if we see some commitments and efforts towards 2 & 3, there could be a way of getting a playlist built.

Does that get some creative juices flowing?

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Re: Emerging artists show or similar

Post by michaelfarrie »

If useful I've made just one edition of a compilation show of different local musicians performing often at folk clubs, slightly more rock oriented clubs as well, laziness has stopped me finishing the 2nd one so far, I've tried to pick the most entertaining, picking the very best etc.

What made it possible is that I was granted access to many mixing desks of local clubs so have gathered together the material over a few years. I plan it to be one of the ones you should hear on Reach and no idea when I might finish off another one. Obviously now no clubs are happening but a lot of local people round here are doing it live from home so there might be some live radio opportunity there.

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Re: Emerging artists show or similar

Post by Craigyboy »

So a playlist is the best option in my opinion, if the songs got sent to me then we can have an Unsigned Playlist, the system will play them out like a normal playlist.
Craig Pilley
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Re: Emerging artists show or similar

Post by Carl »

I have had some good feedback from a #1ToWatch feature, introducing a singer/songwriter and/or band.
The volume of artists allowed me to compile a 1 hour show, with links to the artists with a view to support these talented, hard working people in a difficult time while they were unable to do what they love, and share their music with a wider audience.

The artists all were very appreciative of the support, and of course with their links, it continues our 'Reach'
The artists have also been very responsive to being interviewed and for a chat to help promote.

This might not be something I have the time to continue, but I tried it and there seems to be an interest.

kind regards

Kind regards


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Re: Emerging artists show or similar

Post by markhobbs_ »

Hi All,
I agree that this would be a great idea for a playlist! :)

Mark Hobbs

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