Reach OnAir's New Video Advert

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Reach OnAir's New Video Advert

Post by bertie »

Hi Everyone - I thought you'd be interested in seeing our brand new Reach OnAir Video Advert:


We will be pushing this out on social over the coming days helping to build our brilliant community! It's built in "square" format so that on Facebook etc it fills the screen :D
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Re: Reach OnAir's New Video Advert

Post by smithy1978 »

Wow, I love it.... now i know why you're in the film industry Bertie x

That is how you do a video promotion, any plans on getting Reach on TV? like we did with CMP being on that Click programme?

How wicked would that be, I suppose the BBC might be interested on their own local news outlets.
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Re: Reach OnAir's New Video Advert

Post by michaelfarrie »

That does seem very slickly done.

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