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As requested, here are a list of some featured artists, singer songwriters and music producers I have featured on my mid morning show and recently #1ToWatch show, and the songs I played.
All artists are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and music availble to stream on Spotify, you Tube, Deezer etc.
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Sam York - Maybe When We're Old
Nicola Hayton - Ready
Rise In Red - Voices
Allison Leah - We Can Still Sing
Joe James Lewis - Days On You
Adeline Hill - Moments To Memories
Harrison Rimmer - Flares
Valeska Muller - More Than Ever
Joe Bygraves - Wild Nights
Kaz Hawkins (feat. Sam York) - Don't Slip Away
Eliza Spear - Letters I'm Writing
Lindi Ortega - The Comeback Kid

More featured artists and new music on the Mid morning show at 10:30am weekdays

Kind regards

Kind regards


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Re: #1sToWatch

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Wonderful show. Thank you for arranging this with the artists, really enjoyed it whilst out in the garden!

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