Lee Butler leaves City

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Lee Butler leaves City

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Liverpool's Radio City retained one extra show outside breakfast and that was Lee Butler on weekend afternoons, with his thick scouse accent he really made it sound like proper Radio City again when he was on with his banter about his experiences of the local club scene he was still forced to play Taylor Swift followed by One Direction as per the Bauer group playlist.
"The brekkie butler" and the occasional dance blaster he persuaded City to still air was the last bastion of City's once legendary local dance music output, he now says he is joining a new station which is shortly to launch on DAB that will feature not only the best of Liverpool's dance music heritage but also continue to play new mixes and keep up with the club scene (when it gets back after this virus), In Demand Radio is to launch in November, it will compete somewhat on the dance front also with Zest Radio.

https://theguideliverpool.com/lee-butle ... fast-show/

City was an exception in the Hits Radio networked group of Bauers stations in still doing its own output on weekend afternoons but with Lee's departure it seems they are just taking the Hits Radio network (according to me tuning in to see and then quickly tuning out again of course).

In terms of radio networking, Bauer has now closed the Rock FM church and the Rock FM breakfast show is the sole remaining show of the stations own and is done from the same Castlefield, Manchester studios that the former Key 103 (now fully rebranded as Hits Radio Manchester) also come from.
Radio City has just the breakfast show with Leanne & Scott for its own output now, with other shows from the Radio City tower at St Johns Beacon being done for Greatest Hits Radio with Simon Ross on breakfast & Rick Houghton on evenings on shows that slightly resemble their Radio City 2 days that are done from Liverpool but are no longer about Liverpool & the North West.
Bauer have also recently decided to fully close Leeds' Radio Aire and replace it with a regional feed of Greatest Hits Radio on 96.3 FM in the city whilst the AM outlet of GHR on 828 AM also remains on air alongside it.

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