Three hour nightshift...

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Three hour nightshift...

Post by Alan_Ross »

Greetings Reach Colleagues,

As someone who has always worked lates and nights, my sleeping pattern is basically up all night and sleep around 4am for a few hours.
So I have been keeping an eye on the 2-3am slot following me for the past few weeks, and it is very rarely filled. Now I thought, seeing as I'm still up anyway, I'd extend my show from midnight until 3am instead of 2am. This would give us an extra hour of live radio most days without taking a slot from anyone else.

I know there has been a lot of talk about the lack of slots lately, so I don't want to tread on anyone's toes so I thought I would ask everyone if they had any objections? I think it's only Michael Farrie who ever follows me, and they're always pre-records which could slot in later anyway.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Re: Three hour nightshift...

Post by michaelfarrie »

I've been doing chart shows and some other shows in overnight as it was the only slots left, will continue to do that as well as always been up through the night, hopefully developing a 2004 countdown next, 3am-6am is fine for this as you have the 14 day listen again, might be a while until this 2004 show is done, may throw in some more shows already made.

I actually did go live at 3am a couple of times, I think I'll do that again, it always feels liberating to go on at such a strange time, as there is only a chip shop and hairdressers below the Central Beats studio it gives you the freedom to do that!

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