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Charts Of 2020

Posted: 10 Sep 2020, 16:00
by michaelfarrie
Some recent charts I'm covering with a show.

UK Top 40 of the Noughties (listen for 11 more days on Reach Rewind)
Some surprising ones high in this and can give you one guess as to what dominated a lot of the decade!

The Top 100 of 2010-2019 (coming soon to Reach)
The UK Top 40 of 1992 (got to make the rest of this one)
The UK Top 40 of 1993
The UK Top 20 of 2020 so far.. Summer (Monday 21 September 4-6pm)

This chart has just come out, might look at doing it! Luckily no WAP in sight for some reason. ... 20__30882/

Also compile some of my own, might look at doing some of those as well. Top 100s of the 80s and 90s on old shows I would have to modernise, and some end of year charts such as 2004 & 2005.

Re: Charts Of 2020

Posted: 15 Sep 2020, 10:15
by bertie
Loved the one I've heard so far and looking forward to the rest!



Re: Charts Of 2020

Posted: 14 Jan 2021, 15:33
by michaelfarrie
Thanks Bertie, now have another couple of charts.

The Star Playlist Chart of 2020.

The radio station own chart and clips, now being rebranded to Star Chart as all my radio shows will now come from a fictional world and present as if broadcasting to it! So it's the "Finves" Top 50 of 2020, in Finves the year is 33. It's booked for Wed 20 Jan on Reach.
2019 is now finally on Mixcloud, it's also on Reach in early hours of Fri/Sat 15/16 Jan. ... -107sound/

UK Top 40 of 2020

The full show of the official chart that Radio 1 didn't do (they did a condensed Top 20)
Booked for Saturday night from Midnight, also includes 41-50 after the number 1!

Will also hopefully be booking the rest of the UK Top 100 of 2010-2019, it's all complete, quite a few I want to still do, 1992, 2004, 1998.

Re: Charts Of 2020

Posted: 06 Feb 2021, 22:06
by michaelfarrie
The UK Top 40s of 1993 & 1992 will now be appearing on Reach in the next 2 weeks, together with more of the UK Top 100 of 2010-2019.

The other one I did that has also aired between now and the last post on Reach was the UK Top 40 of the Noughties (2000-2009).

I've compiled my own countdowns for some year, they'll eventually be done as radio, as well as things like the chart of Bridge County (when I lived in the Neston Town Centre flat so that will cover 2013-2018 (there's a fictional world based on Neston Town Centre as well), and a proposed countdown covering 2002-2004 when I lived down Eastham Ferry in Lock Road.

Involving the Disco Dave character to do a comedy version of countdown is an idea being considered as well, as he would hate modern music it might be funny to have him do the chart of 2020.