Reach RoundUp Announced

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Reach RoundUp Announced

Post by bertie »

We are very excited to announce the official Reach Round Up Winter 2020 schedule has been released.

The Reach OnAir 'Round Up' is a quarterly event which celebrates a small selection of our amazing DJs. It’s run for both the broadcasting community and our listener community alike.

36 hours of amazing non-stop shows, from 36 different amazing Reach DJs - each broadcasting for 1 hour only. 'Top and Tailed' by the Reach Management.

So.... here it is: whooop!



p.s. - I'll be emailing all DJs involved over the next 48 hours!

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Re: Reach RoundUp Announced

Post by michaelfarrie »

Thanks, with the older PC I am still using, and had to restart within the last half hour leading up to the live show I'm just glad I was still able to pull of going live, it was a good effort, liked the idea of Bertie reading out positive news which is what you need in 2020, it's true I am used to being up at night anyway and ended up staying up until 8am after the show at 2am,

Carried on live for another hour or so afterwards trialling some ideas, one of which is an idea that is going to be the amongst the strangest ideas yet to be tried in radio, developing maps of a made up world, I will pretend to be on a fictional station and present as if on it talking about spoof news, travel and weather and maybe shoutouts for the fictional area, this ideally would be paired with commercials etc to go with it, I need help with more voices for this as well as more convincing presentation (I only have a keyboard I can use for music production that sometimes freezes so music production is currently very difficult) so it may take until 2021 or 2022 to bring it in, I trialled that afterwards, if I finish more of the mapping project I will give listeners the link to look at the streetmap on a blog and then you can imagine what it's like to be there listening to the station, essentially that's what I've done with "Bridge County FM", this is roughly based on the vision I had of the flat I was living in at the time if it were in a bigger world and I started to do shows as the station for it, I mapped the area out during lockdown and it really brings it to life. It's in development at the moment, rather than throwing the link on, if you want to see a link to the map blog let me know, this might be too "far out" for some. There is an 8 page fictional street atlas so far for Bridge County.. I am probably going to switch to doing all shows as this and "Cream Manworth" which broadcasts in the capital city, currently about 8 pages mapped for this city.

The other idea that is going to come in is when doing a chart for a certain year etc, I will pretend to be in that time period as if you're listening back to a show from that time, perhaps to heighten the nostalgia factor you're not just listening to a show looking back, you are listening to a show from the time period! We all want to get away from 2020 and this is part of how I've been doing it!

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